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PS4 Controller Decals and Skins

It’s challenging to get a PS4 Controller, units are sold out within minutes. When you do finally get one, it’s in plain old white. It’s a beautifully designed Controller, but you’ll want something so hard to get to at least look unique.

Fortunately, a good design is nowhere near as hard to get as the console itself when you have our PS4 Controller skins. At ZoomHitSkins’ online store, you’ll find various designs, from simple and minimalistic to intricate and vibrant.

Our console and controller wraps are made of only high-quality vinyl and adhesives. You can get decals for either a standard PS4 or a Playstation slim or pro edition. 

You don’t have to settle for a plain white PS4. Personalize your Controller with our high-quality wraps and design it the way you want. Browse our shop today and order now.

Why Choose Our PS4 Controllers Wraps

The Best Deals

At ZoomHitSkins, you’ll find a wide variety of PS4 Controllers skins for sale at the best prices. Order 2 to get 1 free. If you plan to change your Controller’s look multiple times or just want an extra skin on hand for if it gets scratched, this is the perfect deal for you.

Fast Delivery

Your satisfaction is our top priority. You’ll get your skin in record time by shopping at our online store. We’ll secure your order with appropriate packaging material and ship it out as soon as possible.

Quality 3M Skins

You’ll receive only high-quality, premium 3M PS4 controller wraps. They’re durable, and they use lasting adhesives so that you can enjoy your Controller’s new look for a long time. The designs are high-resolution and have deep, rich colors.

Easy Installation

Applying your decal to your PS4 is simple. Each one is perfectly pre-cut according to your Controller’s dimensions. All you have to do is carefully stick them onto the correct surfaces. Adjust as needed and press on them once you’re happy with their position. You’ll be done in minutes.


You won’t have any difficulties removing your PS4 wrap. It’s easy to peel off, leaves no sticky residue, and can be easily replaced. This lets you quickly change your Controller’s looks whenever you want with no consequence.

Scratch and Dust Protection

Given how difficult it was to get your PS4, you’ll want to keep it in good condition. Our wraps will protect your controllers from scratches, dust, dirt, and skin oil. This is especially important for the PS4 as color imperfections are more evident on white.

Varied Designs

Currently, PS4s only come in white. They certainly look good, but it’s rather plain. With our PS4 controller skins, you can have yours in any design you want. You can even create your own design, and we’ll print a custom decal for you.

Glitter Over laminate Option

In addition to getting wraps for your controllers, you can also get it with a glitter over laminate. This enhances your chosen design and gives it an interesting visual texture.

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